Now is the time to get your tickets for this year’s Grapplers & Grace.  The annual gathering of Sparta’s best wrestlers and dance team members will happen on Saturday, October 8, 2016 at the Sparta High School auditorium.  The social hour kicks off at 5pm with competition starting at 6pm.  VIP tickets are $10 while general admission tickets go for $5.  Tickets can be purchased at Cow97 or Ginny’s Cupboard in downtown Sparta.

If you haven’t been to one of these before–seriously why haven’t you been to one of these before–a wrestler and a member of the dance team are paired in a Dancing With The Stars styled competition.


Smith, Tom-304x300Andy Polhamus wrote this in memory of long-time Sparta wrestling supporter, coach, teacher, poet and friend Tom Smith.

Life happens to us all.

We make choices in our lives, and they are often made from the influences of strong people that were involved in them.
Tom Smith was one of those influences in my life.  He was a man for whom I had great respect.  He was NOT always good to me. He once kicked me off a a JV football school bus my sophomore year.  He had his reasons and they were valid at the time.
He was also always responsive to situations befitting of his military background.  Which is why he was often referred  to as “Major” –a rank he achieved while serving our country.

He admonished a fellow wrestler in the wrestling room once who was being disrespectful to the head coach.  His handling of the situation was done in a way that would not be well received in today’s society of lienancy and “understanding”.

I found his response to my teammate adequate and appropriate considering that I was being raised by a father that would have handled the same situation in the exact same way.

Coach Smith always chuckled or laughed with his huge shoulders moving in unison with his voice.  I distinctly remembered him doing this heartily once during a football practice when the offense ran a reverse.  I, being on the scout defense, recognized the play as the running back ran past me with the ball in the other direction.   I planted my feet to respond to the sudden change of direction, started to aggressively pursue the runing back while shouting the word “Reverse”.

The only problem with my plan was that Jeff Rasmussen, future Big 10 and Badger offensive lineman, was laying in wait as I made my move.  I was able to get “Rev” of the word “Reverse” out before Jeff just absolutely creamed me with a blind-side block.  I distinctly remember seeing Coach Smith’s big old shoulders and laughing face framed perfectly in the square of my face mask while I I lay prone on the grass.  He laughed so genuinely at the beautiful block that Jeff had administered.  He was a man that appreciated things that were done or executed in a perfect manner.  He also new that I would get up.  Him knowing that I would get up; made me know that I would get up.

He always taught you that you can “get up”.

His sons were/are exceptional athletes and individuals and I had the privilege of calling his youngest, Terry, my freind and teammate.  His wife, Mrs. Smith to me, always had a bright and friendly smile for you.

He was my Coach.  I have been blessed to have a lot of good ones in my youth.  He is the first Westling coach I have lost.  Our last interaction was at a dual meet a couple of years ago.  Prior to that, it had been years since I had seen him, and yet I will miss him dearly and my eyes well up now as I write this.

He was a man who cared,  He was a Coach, Educator. Husband, Father, Grandfather and a Viet Nam  Vet.  And, what I respected most is that he was an absolute badass who expected your best.

My children will be fortunate to have the same types of influences in their lives.

I raise a glass to Tom Smith tonight because as life happens to us all, so naturally does death.  But, death is inevitable, life can be what you make it.  Coach Smith did a tremendous job of teaching me that.

It is late and I grow tired trying to communicate this loss with words.  Thank you for giving me an opportunity to give some insight on the my wrestling coach that I, and the Sparta community, lost today.

The Luther team camp is just around the corner.  This will be the third year that Sparta Wrestling has been a part of this camp and it has proven to be an excellent camp for team-building and growth.  It also has provided an avenue for our upper class-men wrestlers to bring the younger wrestlers into the fold.  It is structured for wrestlers from middle school on up.

Below is some information regarding the camp and what you need to know if you want to be a part of this year’s Spartan contingent.

Registration Deadline:  June 20th.  Information about registration can be found here.  More information can be found here.

When is the camp:  July 6-9

Transportation:  Provided by the Sparta Wrestling Club via van or bus leaving from Sparta High School.  Whether it’s a bus or van will be dependent on the number of wrestlers participating in the camp.

Financial assistance:  The cost of the camp is $300 for a full-resident (all meals, housing and materials).  It is $245 for a day camper (noon and dinner meals, materials).  And $150 for a commuter (materials only, no meals or housing).

Additionally, the Sparta Wrestling Club wishes to provide the best opportunity we can to all our wrestlers that would desire to participate in the team camp.  Therefore, we have a contract we offer to either the wrestler or parent that simply asks for some time in return if the club provides financial assistance to a wrestler that desires to attend the camp.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to the club.

Training dates:  There will be eight training dates before the team camp begins for wrestlers to shake off the rust and get into better shape for the camp.  Those dates are June 6th, 8th, 13th, 15th, 20th, 22nd, 27th and 29th and are provided free of charge by the club with Cody See training our wrestlers in Folkstyle.  The training dates are an important part of the process of continually getting better as a wrestler and preparing for next season.  Use them as a springboard to the camp and to the season starting this fall.

All camp participants must return the following to the team coach, representative or Andy Polhamus.  You can send materials to Andy at 17750 Ideal Road, Sparta, WI 54656.  H can be reached at 608-269-6025 or by cell at 608-304-0115.

  1. Completed registration form OR copy of registration form if completed online
  2. Payment check OR email confirmation of payment if completed online
  3. Completed health form
  4. Photocopy of insurance card



Monica Hartwig, Wrestling Mom of Bronson Stark, passed away May 22nd after losing her battle with cancer at the young age of 46. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Stark/Hartwig family during their time of grief.

The death of Monica Hartwig is the second experienced by our wrestling community in a short period of time.

During this short period, I have witnessed first-hand the rally of our wrestling community in support of our wrestling families. It makes me proud to be associated with such a fine group of people that care about and support our wrestlers and families.

If you don’t realize it first-hand, then I will let the actions of the Stark/Hartwig family speak for me. They believe the sport of wrestling and our community’s support has been such a benefit to their son Bronson that they have requested in lieu of flowers donations for Monica Hartwig be made to the Sparta Wrestling Program.

What does one say to that? I honestly don’t know what to say to this family because “Thank You” doesn’t seem to fit. A mother and a wife is gone too quickly from this world, and the Stark family thinks of us.

This request makes it obvious to me that the direct support and involvement of our coaches speaks volumes to the quality of individuals we have leading our young men and women and I hope they are proud of their efforts. I know I am.

To me, it also should make anyone of you– past, present, and future–understand that your influence on a young athlete can and does have profound effects–not just on the individual-but an entire family.

Sadly, it too often takes tragedy to bring us perspective. We are doing good things folks. Things that positively effect an athlete and family well beyond any individual successes that may be experienced on a wrestling mat.

Andy Polhamus
President Sparta Wrestling Club

Good Morning All,

If you are not aware, the Sparta community and our Sparta Wrestling family has tragically lost one of our own. Yesterday, former Sparta High School student and Sparta Wrestler, Margo Degenhardt died in a one vehicle accident. Naturally, Margo was more than a wrestler; however as a wrestler, she was a excellent teammate and leader.

She also came from a tremendous wrestling family. Her mother and father, Ann and Dave, have always supported the wrestling team and club during and after their children’s direct involvement. Her brothers, Quincy and Logan, were both outstanding wrestlers who qualified and placed at the state tournament. Both brothers also coached and continue to coach–providing a positive influence to our Sparta program.

Our heart goes out to them as they do their best to manage through this family tragedy.

Andy Polhamus
President – Sparta Wrestling Club

We would like to specifically thank all alumni and fans associated with Sparta Wrestling who responded to the Sparta Wrestling Club’s request to “Sponsor” a wrestler for the banquet.
Additionally, the Sparta Wrestling Club would like to thank all of those who have donated their time and resources to support Sparta Wrestling over the years.
Ranging from direct donations and sponsorships to time spent at a concession stand or hovering over a stove browning and seasoning meat for a walking Taco, our wrestling team sees support from our community in so many ways and it is truly appreciated.
It is this support that allows us to cover the expenses for functions like tonight’s banquet and initiatives listed below.
  • Freestyle and Greco Training (10 Sessions with an outside clinician).
  • Folkstyle review and training leading up to the team camp (10 sessions with outside Clinician).
  • Promotion and support of getting our wrestlers to some national tournaments.
  • Supporting our coaches by providing access to the info and tools that give our wrestlers the most up-to-date training equipment and techniques.
Thank you all once again and we look forward to Sparta Wrestling’s continued success.
Andy Polhamus

The success of the Sparta wrestling program continued this year with a move up to Division 1. We had five state qualifiers, two state placewinners, one a state champion, and everyone back next year.

To keep the program churning along at a high level, we’re looking for alumni and friends to sponsor a wrestler at this year’s banquet. We rely totally on the support of our alumni and friends to fund this banquet. We ask a lot of our wrestlers and parents during the season and this is one way we can repay them for their efforts and sacrifices. As part of your sponsorship, you will be recognized with a name placard at the banquet tables and as an “Alumni Sponsor for 2016.”  The cost to sponsor a wrestler breaks down like this but any amount you feel comfortable with is appreciated…

  • One wrestler’s dinner = $15.00
  • Two wrestlers’ dinner = $25.00
  • Five wrestlers’ dinner = $50.00
  • 12 wrestlers’ dinner = $100.00

Checks can be made payable to the Sparta Wrestling Club.  Please send checks to…

Sparta Wrestling Club – 17750 Ideal Rd. Sparta, WI 54656

If you have any questions about the sponsorship, please email Mike Montgomery ( or give him a call at 608.487.3604.  The banquet will be held Thursday, March 10th.

If you donate online, you can leave a note indicating who you’d like to sponsor.  If you are donating by check, please write that information in the memo section.

Thank you for your continued support of Sparta Wrestling!

Four of the five Spartan state tournament qualifiers are still alive in the tournament while two have guaranteed spots on the podium after winning their quarterfinal matches Thursday afternoon.  Wrestling in Friday evening’s division one semifinals will be Jon Bailey at 106 and Hayden Krein at 152.  Brett Von Ruden lost his first match, but will have a wrestleback while Jaden Winchel won his first match then dropped his quarterfinal match.  Christian Lamon lost his first match and will not have a wrestleback.

Freshman Jon Bailey (42-4) started the action for the Spartans with a 9-0 victory over Ashwaubenon’s Fernando Coronado (37-8).  He then faced off with West Bend West’s Justin Lor (42-4) in the quarterfinals.  Bailey fell behind 2-0, but battled back to a 3-3 tie as the third period ended and overtime began.  The 106-pound Bailey became stronger as the match progressed.  Lor had Bailey on his heels for much of the match and was giving him fits on his feet.  As the third period progressed, Bailey began to attack more and more and it appeared Lor tired as the match went on.  In overtime, Bailey had a few opportunities for takedowns before finally securing one for a 5-3 overtime victory.

The win was Bailey’s 42nd of the year.  He will face Arrowhead’s Dominic Dentino (30-7) in the semifinals Friday evening.

At 126 pounds, junior Christian Lamon’s season came to an end with a 9-2 loss to Oak Creek’s Isaiah Robinson.  Robinson controlled the match from start to finish while Lamon had difficulty getting anything going.  Lamon finishes the season with a 23-11 record and moves into a select group of Spartan wrestlers who have qualified for state three times.  He will have a chance next year to join an even smaller group of wrestlers who have qualified four times.

Brett Von Ruden’s first match didn’t go quite like he hoped.  Von Ruden (22-6) lost to Stoughton’s Garrett Model 14-5.  It was a tough draw and while the match was closer than the score indicated, Von Ruden can breathe a sigh of relief as Model went on to win his quarterfinal match ensuring Von Ruden a second match.  That second match will be against Hudson’s Jacob Anderson (41-6) who lost in overtime to Model.  Von Ruden (22-6) will need to win his next three matches to earn a place on the podium.

At 145 pounds, Jaden Winchel’s quest to defend his state championship from last year and become Sparta’s third multi-state champion ended with a fall in the quarterfinals to Kenosha Tremper’s Noah Jackson (48-6).  Winchel (38-4) won his first match 7-0 over Wauwatosa West/East’s Zach Miller (31-8) and was up 3-0 early in the third period before getting caught and pinned in 5:29.  Winchel will now wrestle Depere’s Trevor Turriff (44-3) Saturday morning.  Winchel will need to win his next two matches to place.

Sophomore Hayden Krein (41-5) was Sparta’s most dominant wrestler on Thursday.  His opening match was a 7-0 victory over a very tough Joe Cliver of Hortonville (41-3).  Wisconsin Wrestling Online had Cliver ranked second in the state and Krein 3rd.  After his dismantling of Cliver, it was onto the quarterfinals to face the Joel Dutton-coached Freddy Garcia of Kenosha Tremper (48-5).  Krein controlled the entire match en route to a 9-2 victory over the sixth-ranked wrestler in division one at 152 pounds.  That victory guaranteed Krein a spot on the podium and sent him to the semifinals where he will face Greenfield’s Tre ‘Vaughn Craig (45-2).  The Greenfield senior is currently ranked 8th in division one at 152 pounds by Wisconsin Wrestling Online.

It was an up and down day for the Spartans, but there is still a lot of wrestling left.  Brett Von Ruden and Jaden Winchel will wrestle during the round beginning Friday at 10am.  Bailey and Krein will be off until Friday evening when the semifinals begin at 7pm.

Full match results are below…

D1-106 – Jon Bailey (42-4) placed 6th and scored 8.00 team points.
Champ. Round 1 – Jon Bailey (Sparta) 42-4 won by major decision over Fernando Coronado (Ashwaubenon) 37-8 (MD 9-0)
Quarterfinal – Jon Bailey (Sparta) 42-4 won in sudden victory – 1 over Justin Lor (West Bend West) 42-4 (SV-1 5-3)

D1-126 – Christian Lamon (23-11) place is unknown and scored 0.00 team points.
Champ. Round 1 – Isaiah Robinson (Oak Creek) 31-12 won by decision over Christian Lamon (Sparta) 23-11 (Dec 9-2)

D1-138 – Brett Von Ruden (22-6) place is unknown and scored 0.00 team points.
Champ. Round 1 – Garrett Model (Stoughton) 46-6 won by major decision over Brett Von Ruden (Sparta) 22-6 (MD 14-5)

D1-145 – Jaden Winchel (38-4) place is unknown and scored 2.00 team points.
Champ. Round 1 – Jaden Winchel (Sparta) 38-4 won by decision over Zach Miller (Wauwatosa West/E.) 31-8 (Dec 7-0)
Quarterfinal – Noah Jackson (Kenosha Tremper) 48-6 won by fall over Jaden Winchel (Sparta) 38-4 (Fall 5:29)

D1-152 – Hayden Krein (41-5) placed 6th and scored 7.00 team points.
Champ. Round 1 – Hayden Krein (Sparta) 41-5 won by decision over Joe Cliver (Hortonville) 41-3 (Dec 7-0)
Quarterfinal – Hayden Krein (Sparta) 41-5 won by decision over Frank Garcia (Kenosha Tremper) 48-5 (Dec 9-2)

Mike Montgomery is back yet again with the 2016 edition of state-bound Spartans.  See what Jon Bailey, Christian Lamon, Brett Von Ruden, Jaden Winchel and Hayden Krein have to say about the season and the upcoming state tournament. Big thanks to Mike Montgomery for doing this yet again.

Amy Schreier Thurston - February 25, 2016 - 11:56 am

Good Luck guys!!!

Joanie Olson - February 25, 2016 - 1:27 pm

Best for luck. You do us proud!

Stephanie Luce - February 25, 2016 - 6:49 pm

Good luck!

Pat Davis - February 25, 2016 - 7:15 pm

Good luck, wish I could be there! Hope to see the matches on video. Great wrestlers from Sparta!


Sparta’s five state tournament qualifiers. Back row from left: Hayden Krein, Brett Von Ruden and Christian Lamon. Front row from left: Jon Bailey and Jaden Winchel

It was a great day of wrestling for the Spartans as they saw five wrestlers advance to the state individual tournament next week in Madison, Wisc.  Champions Jon Bailey and Jaden Winchel and runners-up Christian Lamon, Brett Von Ruden and Hayden Krein will be representing Sparta at the Kohl Center starting on Thursday.  David Hayes and Austin Zwiefel finished just short of qualifying in third place while Mathias Krein and James Gann were eliminated early after losing their first matches.

At 106 pounds, Jon Bailey wasn’t really tested in his first two matches winning by pin in 1:09 in his first match then picking up a solid 7-3 victory in the semifinals over Sauk Prairie’s Zeke Smith (41-8).  In the finals, he faced Madison La Follette’s Francesco Schiro who entered the match with a 45-0 record.  But Bailey would not be denied.  In a match that went back and forth, but saw Bailey down 4-0 at one point, the Spartan freshman mounted a furious comeback over the final three minutes and staved off the La Follette junior in the final seconds to preserve a 7-6 victory to earn his first trip to the state tournament and handing Schiro his first loss in 46 matches this year.

Christian Lamon entered Saturday’s sectional tournament looking to do something few Spartans had done–qualify for three state tournaments.  Not many Spartans have achieved this.  The first to do it was Kevin Dutton.  After Dutton came Troy Lietzau, then Kody Seekamp, Jared Rickert, Kyle Burkhalter, Dylan Winchel, John Roddick and Brock Polhamus.  You can add Christian Lamon as the latest name in that list as Lamon narrowly lost his championship match, but qualified by rule to finish in second place on the day.  His first two matches were relatively easy with a 35 second pin followed by a pin in 4:15 over Holmen’s Isaac Lahr.  In the finals, Lamon narrowly lost to Middleton’s Kecin Meicher (39-3) by a 6-5 score.

One weight class up at 132 pounds, David Hayes had a really strong day of wrestling, but fell just short in the end.  Hayes advanced to the finals with a 6-5 victory in his opening match against the eight-ranked wrestler in the state in Sauk Prairie’s Aaron Hankins (33-8).  He followed that up with a 4-0 defeat of Reedsburg’s Logan Lewerenz (30-17).  That set up a match with the top-ranked wrestler in the state and 2015 state runner-up Jaden Van Maanen from La Crosse Central.  Van Maanen was too much for Hayes and won by in in 46 seconds.  Hayes lost his 2nd place wrestleback to Chris Rogers of Middleton (34-7) 11-5 to finish third on the day.  It’s the second year in a row that Hayes fell one place short of qualifying for state, but he was oh so close in one of the toughest weight classes in the section.

Clockwise from top left:  Von Ruden, Krein, Zwiefel, Winchel.

Clockwise from top left: Von Ruden, Krein, Zwiefel, Winchel.

At 138 pounds, Brett Von Ruden was a third place finisher at regionals, which is usually a very difficult spot to qualify for the state tournament from.  That meant nothing to Von Ruden who did some of his best wrestling of the season Saturday.  In his opening match, he won by pin in 1:46, which set up a match with Holmen’s Kaylyn Jahn.  If you remember from the Sparta-Holmen dual a little over a month ago, Von Ruden entered the match needing to get a pin against Jahn for the Spartans to win the dual.  Obviously that changes how you wrestle someone.  Ultimately, it did not matter as Von Ruden was knocked out cold in the match and nobody got the epic matchup of area 138-pounders.  Saturday was different as the two went head-to-head with no team scores to worry about.  Jahn held the upper hand for almost the entire match until the final minute when Von Ruden, down 8-7, pulled off a five point move on Jahn to come out with the 12-8 victory.  That was a huge victory because his next match was against the third-ranked Drew Fjoser of Sauk Prairie.  Again, Von Ruden had Fjoser on the ropes.  With less than 20 seconds to go and down 8-6, Von Ruden picked up a takedown, but just couldn’t hold Fjoser down and surrendered an escape in the final seconds of the match to fall 9-8.  Jahn won his wrestleback so Von Ruden won second place by rule to make it two state tournaments in two years for the sophomore.

At 145 pounds, Jaden Winchel was all business.  His first match was a victory by injury default after just 19 seconds.  He followed that up with a tough match against a familiar opponent in Tomah’s Casey Curran.  After falling behind 2-0, Winchel scored the final five points of the match to win 5-2 and advance to the finals.  Again, Winchel fell behind 2-0, but scored 10 unanswered points to win 10-2 and advance to his third state tournament in three years.  Winchel joins teammate Lamon and the long list of Spartans mentioned above to qualify for the state tournament three times.

One weight class up at 152 pounds, the second-ranked Hayden Krein breezed through his first two matches with pins in 3:18 and 58 seconds to setup a showdown with top-ranked Eddie Smith of Sauk Prairie.  It wasn’t Krein’s day against the stocky Smith as Krein dropped a 13-3 decision.  He followed that up with a dominating 16-0 technical fall victory in 3:29 over Holmen’s Wyatt McCutchen to qualify for the state tournament for the second time in two years.

At 160 and 170 pounds, both Mathias Krein were pinned in their opening matches.  Krein by Madison La Follette’s Tray Turner and Gann by Sauk Prairie’s Austin Powell.  Krein finished the season with an 11-7 record while Gann finished with a 21-18 record.  Both return next year.

At 195 pounds, Austin Zwiefel won his first match by major decision over Middleton’s Gavin Adler (22-9).  He then faced Reedsburg’s Dalton Hahn (44-1) and fell by pin in 41 seconds.  In one of the more dramatic matches of the day, Zwiefel, down 8-0, caught Baraboo’s Nicholas Pierce in a cradle and pinned him in 3:19 to setup a second place wrestleback with Sauk Prairie’s Logan Moore (36-14), but Austin’s day would end there with a 3-1 loss.  Zweifel finished third and just short of qualify for state.  He was 22-20 this season and also returns next year.

The five state tournament qualifiers matches a division one record for the Spartans.  Last year they set a program record with eight state tournament qualifiers, but that was in division two.  The Spartan record for division one qualifiers is five and was also set in 1995 and 1996.  In other words, it was a great day for the Spartans.

On the team side of things, Sparta finished second with 118.5 points, which was just short of Sauk Prairie with 120 points.  Holmen finished with 102 points while Tomah finished in 9th place with 39.5 points.

We will be updating Facebook, Twitter and the website here with photos, videos and updates from the Kohl Center starting on Thursday.  Congrats to Sparta’s five state tournament qualifiers and to all the Spartans who competed today.

106  –  Jon Bailey, 1st Place, 3-0 with a pin
126  –  Christian Lamon, 2nd Place, 2-1 with two pins
132  –  David Hayes, 3rd Place, 2-2
138  –  Brett Von Ruden, 2nd Place, 2-1 with a pin
145  –  Jaden Winchel, 1st Place, 3-0 with a major decision
152  –  Hayden Krein, 2nd Place, 3-1 with two pins and a technical fall
160  –  Mathias Krein, Did Not Place, 0-1
170  –  James Gann, Did Not Place, 0-1
195  –  Austin Zwiefel, 3rd Place, 2-2 with a pin and major decision

Full match results are below…

WIAA D1 Sect. C @ Waunakee Results for Sparta
106 – Jon Bailey (40-4) placed 1st and scored 20.00 team points.
Championship Bracket – Jon Bailey (Sparta) 40-4 won by fall over Guillermo Tellez-Giron (Madison Memorial) 12-7 (Fall 1:09)
Championship Bracket – Jon Bailey (Sparta) 40-4 won by decision over Zeke Smith (Sauk Prairie) 41-8 (Dec 7-3)
1st Place Match – Jon Bailey (Sparta) 40-4 won by decision over Francesco Schiro (Madison LaFollette) 46-1 (Dec 7-6)

126 – Christian Lamon (23-10) placed 2nd and scored 18.00 team points.
Championship Bracket – Christian Lamon (Sparta) 23-10 won by fall over Barry Beirne (Portage) 20-16 (Fall 0:35)
Championship Bracket – Christian Lamon (Sparta) 23-10 won by fall over Isaac Lahr (Holmen) 26-15 (Fall 4:15)
1st Place Match – Kevin Meicher (Middleton) 39-3 won by decision over Christian Lamon (Sparta) 23-10 (Dec 6-5)
2nd Place Match – Christian Lamon (Sparta) 23-10 won by rule over Isaac Lahr (Holmen) 26-15 (RULE)

132 – David Hayes (26-19) placed 3rd and scored 11.00 team points.
Championship Bracket – David Hayes (Sparta) 26-19 won by decision over Aaron Hankins (Sauk Prairie) 33-8 (Dec 6-5)
Championship Bracket – David Hayes (Sparta) 26-19 won by decision over Logan Lewerenz (Reedsburg) 30-17 (Dec 4-0)
1st Place Match – Jaden Van Maanen (Lax Central) 42-1 won by fall over David Hayes (Sparta) 26-19 (Fall 0:46)
2nd Place Match – Chris Rogers (Middleton) 34-7 won by decision over David Hayes (Sparta) 26-19 (Dec 11-5)

138 – Brett Von Ruden (22-5) placed 2nd and scored 16.00 team points.
Championship Bracket – Brett Von Ruden (Sparta) 22-5 won by fall over Derek Lawinger (Madison LaFollette) 26-19 (Fall 1:46)
Championship Bracket – Brett Von Ruden (Sparta) 22-5 won by decision over Kalyn Jahn (Holmen) 32-9 (Dec 12-8)
1st Place Match – Drew Fjoser (Sauk Prairie) 18-2 won by decision over Brett Von Ruden (Sparta) 22-5 (Dec 9-8)
2nd Place Match – Brett Von Ruden (Sparta) 22-5 won by rule over Kalyn Jahn (Holmen) 32-9 (RULE)

145 – Jaden Winchel (37-3) placed 1st and scored 21.00 team points.
Championship Bracket – Jaden Winchel (Sparta) 37-3 won by injury default over Connor Jones (Madison Memorial) 12-19 (Inj. 0:19)
Championship Bracket – Jaden Winchel (Sparta) 37-3 won by decision over Casey Curran (Tomah) 36-13 (Dec 5-2)
1st Place Match – Jaden Winchel (Sparta) 37-3 won by major decision over Nate Lorenz (Waunakee) 39-9 (MD 10-2)

152 – Hayden Krein (39-5) placed 2nd and scored 19.50 team points.
Championship Bracket – Hayden Krein (Sparta) 39-5 won by fall over Sam Johnson (Madison West) 26-17 (Fall 3:18)
Championship Bracket – Hayden Krein (Sparta) 39-5 won by fall over Hunter Kluender (Baraboo) 16-23 (Fall 0:58)
1st Place Match – Eddie Smith (Sauk Prairie) 43-4 won by major decision over Hayden Krein (Sparta) 39-5 (MD 13-3)
2nd Place Match – Hayden Krein (Sparta) 39-5 won by tech fall over Wyatt McCutchen (Holmen) 15-10 (TF-1.5 3:29 (16-0))

160 – Mathias Krein (11-7) place is unknown and scored 0.00 team points.
Championship Bracket – Tray Turner (Madison LaFollette) 35-7 won by fall over Mathias Krein (Sparta) 11-7 (Fall 4:53)

170 – James Gann (21-18) place is unknown and scored 0.00 team points.
Championship Bracket – Austin Powell (Sauk Prairie) 45-3 won by fall over James Gann (Sparta) 21-18 (Fall 1:32)

195 – Austin Zwiefel (22-20) placed 3rd and scored 13.00 team points.
Championship Bracket – Austin Zwiefel (Sparta) 22-20 won by major decision over Gavin Adler (Middleton) 22-9 (MD 15-5)
Championship Bracket – Dalton Hahn (Reedsburg) 44-1 won by fall over Austin Zwiefel (Sparta) 22-20 (Fall 0:41)
3rd Place Match – Austin Zwiefel (Sparta) 22-20 won by fall over Nicholas Pierce (Baraboo) 31-14 (Fall 3:19)
2nd Place Match – Logan Moore (Sauk Prairie) 36-14 won by decision over Austin Zwiefel (Sparta) 22-20 (Dec 3-1)

Back in 2012, the NCAA came up with a formula to calculate who the most dominant collegiate wrestler was.  Using this formula, the NCAA would award wrestlers at the NCAA Wrestling Awards typically held during the national championships.

The Most Dominant Wrestler standings are calculated by adding the total number of points awarded through match results and dividing that number by the total number of matches wrestled. Points per match are awarded as follows.

  • Fall, forfeit, tournament bye, injury default or DQ = 6 points (-6 points for a loss)
  • Tech falls = 5 points (-5 points for a loss)
  • Major decision = 4 points (-4 points for a loss)
  • Decision = 3 points (-3 points for a loss)

Using this formula, Jaden Winchel is the most dominant averaging 4.459 points per match followed by Hayden Krein at 4.425 and Jon Bailey at 4.317.  Krein and Bailey actually have more total points than Winchel due to more matches wrestled and more wins, but Winchel has less losses.  Let’s see how we arrived at these results…

  1. Jaden Winchel (37-3)  –  4.459 points per match, 165 points total.  22 falls, forfeits and byes.  One technical fall.  Four major decisions. Seven decisions.  (against three losses by decision)
  2. Hayden Krein (36-4)  –  4.425 points per match, 177 points total.  24 falls, forfeits and byes.  Two technical falls.  Six major decisions.  Four decisions.  (against four losses, 3 by decision, one major)
  3. Jon Bailey (37-4)  –  4.317 points per match, 177 points total.  24 falls, forfeits and byes.  One technical fall.  Four major decisions.  Eight decisions.  (against four loses by decision)

It’s a fun calculation to see how the NCAA’s most dominant wrestler formula applies to the Spartan wrestling team.  Thanks to Mike Montgomery for using the math skills I don’t have to come up with these standings.