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Photos by John Maniaci

The Spartan wrestling season came to a close Saturday morning at the UW Field House after a 40-27 loss to top-ranked Freedom.  The Irish jumped out to a 25-0 lead before Sparta started their comeback, but they never pulled within 10 points as Freedom avoided pins and picked up bonus points.  That was a formula Sparta was familiar with throughout the year and used at team sectionals to get to this weekend’s final four of division two teams.  Sparta finishes the season with a 13-7 record and top four finish at the state team tournament.  Freedom would go on to defeat Ellsworth 34-15 in the championship match later that afternoon.

The dual against Freedom was the last match for seniors Corey Zimmerman, John Roddick, Brock Polhamus, Logan VanTassel and Walker Polhamus.  They left an incredible mark on the program.  We’ll have more on that in a later post, but congrats to this year’s seniors on their accomplishments.

Sparta’s dual against Freedom started at 220 with the Irish’s Evan Philibeck picking up a first period pin against Keyshawn Stewart.  That was followed by a Spartan forfeit at 285.  After that came 106 and 113, which were critical matches for the Spartans.  At 106, Garrison Murphy pinned Zimmerman in 5:25 and one match later, the Irish’s Mitch Garvey picked up an 8-0 major decision victory over David Hayes.

Then at 120, Sam Forbes put up a solid fight in a 12-7 loss against the Irish’s Mason Manteuffel who was a state runner-up this year at 120.  Then Sparta’s bread and butter took over.  John Roddick closed out his Spartan career with a 14-0 major decision victory over Freedom’s Nolan Gaffney.  That was followed by a technical fall victory by Jaden Winchel over Freedom’s Evan Vosters.  There was no rematch of the epic 132-pound semifinal ultimate tie breaker match between Winchel and Cody Walrath.  Freedom decided to bump Walrath up to 138 pounds.

I’m sure the Irish were expecting an easier match for Walrath against freshman Brett VonRuden, but that’s not what they got.  Von Ruden and Walrath ended the third period tied 2-2 and it appeared a number of times that Von Ruden had the takedown near the edge of the mat.  There have certainly been takedowns given for less.  One of those saw VonRuden completely parallel on Walrath’s back at the edge of the mat with both feet in for a few seconds yet no call was given.  Five seconds later, the officials gave one back as it appeared Walrath had the takedown.  In the end, Walrath picked up a takedown with one second left to edge Von Ruden 4-2.  It was an impressive performance by Von Ruden against Walrath who finished 3rd, 3rd, 2nd and 3rd at the state tournament the last four years.

At 145, Brock Polhamus closed out his Spartan wrestling career with a 6-3 victory over Blaz Daul.  That was followed by a pin from freshman Hayden Krein, which brought Krein’s record to 40-7 on the year.  Fellow freshman Brett VonRuden finished with a 38-13 record.  Sound familiar?  John Roddick finished his freshman season with 40 wins while Brock Polhamus finished with 36.

At 160, Ryan Wisniewski ran into state runner-up Seth Vosters and lost by pin in the second period.  At this point, Sparta needed three pins in three matches to defeat Freedom and that meant pinning the 195-pound state champion in Ramsey Bloy.  That’s not an impossible task, but it would be difficult.  At 170, Logan Van Tassel won 9-4 over Freedom’s Adam Vosters, which sealed the match for the Irish.  Van Tassel had an incredible senior season finishing with 39 wins.  Next up was state champion Ramsey Bloy who pinned Walker Polhamus in 1:08.  Polhamus also had a great senior season with some very big wins for the Spartans–especially at team sectionals.  The final match of the night was won by Austin Zweifel via injury default.

Full results below…

220  –  Evan Philibeck (Freedom) pins Keyshawn Stewart in 1:43
285  –  Alex Rohan (Freedom) wins by forfeit
106  –  Garrison Murphy (Freedom) pins Corey Zimmerman in 5:25
113  –  Mitch Garvey (Freedom) won by major decision against David Hayes 8-0
120  –  Mason Manteuffel (Freedom) defeated Sam Forbes 12-7
126  –  John Roddick won by major decision over Nolan Gaffney (Freedom) 14-0
132  –  Jaden Winchel won by technical fall over Evan Vosters (Freedom) 15-0
138  –  Cody Walrath (Freedom) won in sudden victory over Brett Von Ruden 4-2
145  –  Brock Polhamus defeated Blaz Daul (Freedom) 6-3
152  –  Hayden Krein pinned Sean Murphy (Freedom) in 5:26
160  –  Seth Vosters (Freedom) pinned Ryan Wisniewski in 2:42
170  –  Logan Van Tassel defeated Adam Vosters (Freedom) 9-4
182  –  Ramsey Bloy (Freedom) pinned Walker Polhamus in 1:09
195  –  Austin Zweifel won by injury default over Jacob Vosters (Freedom) in 3:26

In the other division two match, Ellsworth took care of Wisconsin Lutheran to advance to the championship against Freedom via a 37-27 victory.

The Spartans finish the season with a 13-7 dual record.  We will have a season recap later this week.  Congrats to the Spartans on a great season and thank you to all the seniors for everything you gave to the program!

Alumni and fans looking for a way to acknowledge this year’s success and help support our program?  Please consider sponsoring a wrestler’s meal for our year end banquet. Your donation will help cover the cost of meals and give our parent’s a little break from all the demands placed on them throughout the season. For more information check a previous post in this website.

We are catching up to some tournaments earlier this season where we didn’t post the results for one reason or another on the website, which is a shame in the case of the varsity reserve’s performance at the Mel-Min/GET Friday Night Fights back in mid-December.

Out of 15 Spartan wrestlers, 11 placed 1st and four more placed second.  Out of a total of 45 matches, Sparta went 41-4.  Damn.

Winning championships for the Spartans was Corey Zimmerman, Dustin Matson, Mathias Krein, Kole Nelson, Andrew Rickey, Matt Fahning, Kobe Culpitt, James Gann, Ashley Dahl, Justin Marx and Austin Zweifel.  Coming in second for the Spartans were Trygve Zurfluh, Russell Winchel, Sam Forbes and Kyle Erickson.

Complete results are below…

Mel-Min/G-E-T Friday Night Fights Results for Sparta
High School 102-115 – Kyle Erickson’s place is 2nd and has scored 12.00 team points.
Round 1 – Kyle Erickson (Sparta) won by fall over Albert `All Smiles` Flottmeyer (La Crosse Aquinas) (Fall 1:14)
Round 2 – Trevor Plomedahl (Holmen) won by decision over Kyle Erickson (Sparta) (Dec 7-3)
Round 3 – Tim Stevens (Whitehall) won by injury default over Kyle Erickson (Sparta) (Inj. 0:00)

High School 111-117 – Corey Zimmerman’s place is 1st and has scored 20.00 team points.
Round 1 – Corey Zimmerman (Sparta) won by fall over Ethan Overgard (La Crosse Central) (Fall 0:41)
Round 2 – Corey Zimmerman (Sparta) won by fall over Jon Arentz (West Salem/Bangor) (Fall 0:50)
Round 3 – Corey Zimmerman (Sparta) won by fall over Grant `I wrestle` Restel (La Crosse Aquinas) (Fall 1:43)

High School 113-119 – Sam Forbes’s place is 2nd and has scored 12.00 team points.
Round 1 – Sam Forbes (Sparta) won by decision over Zach Gordon (Holmen) (Dec 4-2)
Round 2 – Sam Forbes (Sparta) won by fall over Hunter `Too Tall` Thicke (La Crosse Aquinas) (Fall 0:47)
Round 3 – Ken Her (Melrose-Mind/Gale-Ett.-Tremp.) won by major decision over Sam Forbes (Sparta) (Maj 11-3)

High School 130-135 – Dustin Matson’s place is 1st and has scored 18.00 team points.
Round 1 – Dustin Matson (Sparta) won by fall over Andrew Fenner (Osseo-Fair/Altoon/Aug/Fall.Crk) (Fall 1:16)
Round 2 – Dustin Matson (Sparta) won by fall over Tanner Barton (Holmen) (Fall 0:47)
Round 3 – Dustin Matson (Sparta) won by decision over Cole Fosbinder (Melrose-Mind/Gale-Ett.-Tremp.) (Dec 9-5)

High School 136-137 – Mathias Krein’s place is 1st and has scored 19.00 team points.
Round 1 – Mathias Krein (Sparta) won by fall over Zachary Meyer (Melrose-Mind/Gale-Ett.-Tremp.) (Fall 1:16)
Round 2 – Mathias Krein (Sparta) won by fall over Tucker Haag (Melrose-Mind/Gale-Ett.-Tremp.) (Fall 1:08)
Round 3 – Mathias Krein (Sparta) won by major decision over Jacob Peterson (Mondovi) (Maj 13-1)

High School 132-141 – Kole Nelson’s place is 1st and has scored 18.00 team points.
Round 1 – Kole Nelson (Sparta) won by decision over Seth Hauser (Holmen) (Dec 7-6)
Round 2 – Kole Nelson (Sparta) won by fall over Nicholas Peterson (Melrose-Mind/Gale-Ett.-Tremp.) (Fall 1:18)
Round 3 – Kole Nelson (Sparta) won by fall over Benett Bucek (Black River Falls) (Fall 1:50)

High School 136-138 – Andrew Rickey’s place is 1st and has scored 19.00 team points.
Round 1 – Andrew Rickey (Sparta) won by fall over Dawson Blaken (Melrose-Mind/Gale-Ett.-Tremp.) (Fall 4:57)
Round 2 – Andrew Rickey (Sparta) won by major decision over Russell Winchel (Sparta) (Maj 11-0)
Round 3 – Andrew Rickey (Sparta) won by fall over Tommy Fischer (Osseo-Fair/Altoon/Aug/Fall.Crk) (Fall 0:22)

High School 136-138 – Russell Winchel’s place is 2nd and has scored 10.00 team points.
Round 1 – Russell Winchel (Sparta) won by decision over Tommy Fischer (Osseo-Fair/Altoon/Aug/Fall.Crk) (Dec 7-2)
Round 2 – Andrew Rickey (Sparta) won by major decision over Russell Winchel (Sparta) (Maj 11-0)
Round 3 – Russell Winchel (Sparta) won by decision over Dawson Blaken (Melrose-Mind/Gale-Ett.-Tremp.) (Dec 4-0)

High School 142-145 – Matt Fahning’s place is 1st and has scored 18.00 team points.
Round 1 – Matt Fahning (Sparta) won by decision over Theodore Johnson (Melrose-Mind/Gale-Ett.-Tremp.) (Dec 4-0)
Round 2 – Matt Fahning (Sparta) won by fall over Dillon Larson (Mondovi) (Fall 3:56)
Round 3 – Matt Fahning (Sparta) won by forfeit over Dayne Myers (Osseo-Fair/Altoon/Aug/Fall.Crk) (FF)

High School 143-147 – Kobe Culpitt’s place is 1st and has scored 18.00 team points.
Round 1 – Kobe Culpitt (Sparta) won by fall over Chad Loper (Viroqua) (Fall 0:55)
Round 2 – Kobe Culpitt (Sparta) won by decision over Riki Cutler (La Crosse Central) (Dec 7-3)
Round 3 – Kobe Culpitt (Sparta) won by fall over Nolan Van Dunk (Holmen) (Fall 4:21)

High School 145-152 – James Gann’s place is 1st and has scored 20.00 team points.
Round 1 – James Gann (Sparta) won by fall over `Slick` Nick Herlitzka (La Crosse Aquinas) (Fall 2:39)
Round 2 – James Gann (Sparta) won by fall over Brandon Huynh (Viroqua) (Fall 0:17)
Round 3 – James Gann (Sparta) won by fall over Calvin Williams (Holmen) (Fall 1:22)

High School 145-149 – Ashley Dahl’s place is 1st and has scored 17.00 team points.
Round 1 – Ashley Dahl (Sparta) won by fall over Trevor Fischer (Osseo-Fair/Altoon/Aug/Fall.Crk) (Fall 1:46)
Round 2 – Ashley Dahl (Sparta) won by major decision over `Bad Man` Brandon Jensen (La Crosse Aquinas) (Maj 11-1)
Round 3 – Ashley Dahl (Sparta) won by decision over Noah Steinhoff (Holmen) (Dec 8-6)

High School 148-154 – Trygve Zurfluh’s place is 2nd and has scored 14.00 team points.
Round 1 – Trygve Zurfluh (Sparta) won by fall over Jake Stair (Melrose-Mind/Gale-Ett.-Tremp.) (Fall 0:24)
Round 2 – Trygve Zurfluh (Sparta) won by fall over Mia Morton (Viroqua) (Fall 3:25)
Round 3 – Dylan `I Speak` English (La Crosse Aquinas) won by decision over Trygve Zurfluh (Sparta) (Dec 4-3)

High School 152-165 – Justin Marx’s place is 1st and has scored 18.00 team points.
Round 1 – Justin Marx (Sparta) won by fall over Patrick OBrien (Black River Falls) (Fall 1:27)
Round 2 – Justin Marx (Sparta) won by decision over Rion Windsor (Melrose-Mind/Gale-Ett.-Tremp.) (Dec 5-4)
Round 3 – Justin Marx (Sparta) won by fall over Jake West (Mondovi) (Fall 1:55)

High School 165-177 – Austin Zwiefl’s place is 1st and has scored 19.00 team points.
Round 1 – Austin Zwiefl (Sparta) won by major decision over Julius Riisgaard (Melrose-Mind/Gale-Ett.-Tremp.) (Maj 12-3)
Round 2 – Austin Zwiefl (Sparta) won by fall over Lance Ubersox (La Crosse Central) (Fall 0:59)
Round 3 – Austin Zwiefl (Sparta) won by fall over Sam Jansen (Melrose-Mind/Gale-Ett.-Tremp.) (Fall 3:59)

The success of the Sparta wrestling program continued this year with an MVC title, eight state qualifiers, four state placewinners, one state champion and a a chance for a state team title this upcoming weekend.

To keep the program churning along at a high level, we’re looking for alumni and anyone else to sponsor a wrestler at this year’s banquet.  As part of your sponsorship, you will be recognized with a name placard at the banquet tables and as an “Alumni Sponsor for 2015.”  The cost to sponsor a wrestler breaks down like this…

  • One wrestler’s dinner = $15.00
  • Two wrestlers’ dinner = $25.00
  • Five wrestlers’ dinner = $50.00
  • 12 wrestlers’ dinner = $100.00

Checks can be made payable to the Sparta Wrestling Club.  Please send checks to…

Mike Montgomery
415 West Main Street
Sparta, WI 54656

If you have any questions about the sponsorship, please email Mike Montgomery or give him a call at 608.487.3604.  The banquet will be held Monday, March 9th and sponsorship forms are due that day as well.

If you donate online, you can leave a note indicating who you’d like to sponsor.  If you are donating by check, please write that information in the memo section.

Thank you for your continued support of Sparta Wrestling!

Spartan sophomore Jaden Winchel joined select company in Spartan history by winning the division two 132-pound state championship Saturday evening and finishing the regular season with a record of 48-0.  Only four other Spartans–Justin Schroeder, Dave Garritson, Troy Lietzau and Matt Tourdot–had won state championships.  Winchel joins that select list becoming the fifth Spartan to win a state championship.  His chance to join Dave Garritson and Matt Tourdot as the only Spartans to finish a season undefeated with a state championship will be put to the test this coming weekend at team state.  It was a remarkable performance by the sophomore who finished 39-14 a year ago and 3rd place at the same weight at last year’s state tournament.

Joining Winchel on the podium last night was seniors John Roddick and Brock Polhamus and freshman Hayden Krein.  Roddick and Krein capped their tournaments with third place finishes while Polhamus finished fourth.


Sparta’s eight state qualifiers. Top row from left: Lamon, VonRuden, Krein, VanTassel. Bottom row from left: Polhamus, Roddick, Zimmerman, Winchel.

Roddick’s third place finish at 126 pounds was his third consecutive year at state that ended on the podium.  The four-time state qualifier finished third as a sophomore and fifth as a junior.  Brock Polhamus followed up last year’s second place finish with a fourth place finish.  Roddick and Polhamus are Sparta’s only four time state qualifiers.  At 152 pounds, freshman Hayden Krein defeated Chetek WeyerHaeuser/Prairie Farm’s Jonny Chamberlain to win third in dramatic fashion.  Krein was down 2-0 after the first period and 5-3 going into the third period.  He was down 9-4 when he escaped with about a minute to go and put Chamberlain on his back to cap the comeback and win 10-9.  Before Winchel’s third place finish as a freshman last year, no Sparta freshman had ever placed at state.  Krein becomes the second Spartan freshman to earn that achievement.

On Thursday, Spartans Corey Zimmerman, Brett VonRuden and Logan VanTassel saw their tournaments come to an end.  Zimmerman lost 10-2 to Ellsworth’s Owen Matzek, VonRuden dropped a 10-7 decision in a back-and-forth match with Mayville’s Dakota Danner and Logan VanTassel lost 3-2 to Ellsworth’s Tristen Mueller.  Zimmerman and VanTassel could get their revenge next weekend if Sparta defeats Freedom and Ellsworth defeats Wisconsin Lutheran at team state.  Sophomore Christian Lamon won his first match 9-8 over Whitewater’s Irving Sedano before dropping the next two matches to fall out of the tournament.

The state championship by Winchel combined with the three other placewinners and Sparta’s overall performance led to a third place team finish in division two.  Sparta finished with 66 points, which was behind Freedom’s 72.5 points and Two River’s 72 points.  The 66 points would have been good for third in division one and second in division three.  Overall, the Spartans finished fifth among teams at the state tournament.

Here are some interesting stats and notes from this year’s state tournament…

  • Three Spartans finished the tournament with 40+ wins.  Jaden Winchel (48-0), John Roddick (46-5) and Brock Polhamus (46-5).  Hayden Krein can reach the 40-win mark Saturday against Freedom.
  • Both Jaden and his brother Dylan Winchel finished their sophomore seasons with 48 wins.  Dylan finished with 48 wins during the 2011-12 season en route to a fifth place finish.
  • The 48 wins by Winchel was good for the second highest single season total in Spartan history.  Dylan Winchel won 48 during the 2011-12 season, Jared Rickert won 48 during the 2006-07 season and Matt Tourdot topped everyone with 50 wins back during the 2009-10 season.  Winchel could tie Tourdot or move into second place by himself after next weekend’s team state tournament.
  • The four placewinners at this year’s tournament matches the four the Spartans had during the 2013 state tournament.
  • Jaden Winchel is Sparta’s youngest state champion.  All other state champions were seniors with the exception of Troy Lietzau and Justin Schroeder who won the first of their two titles as juniors.
  • John Roddick has topped 40 wins every year in high school.  He had 40 as a freshman, 42 as a sophomore, 43 as a junior and has 46 and counting this year.
  • In each of the last three years, Roddick fell to the eventual state champion in the semis and each of those guys either were or are on track to become four-time state champions.  During his sophomore and junior seasons, Roddick fell to Ellsworth’s Jens Lantz who won four titles and this year, Roddick fell to Amery’s Hunter Marko who has won three titles in three seasons with his senior season yet to come.

Let’s see how the Spartans did on an individual match basis…

D2-106 – Corey Zimmerman (19-5) place is unknown and scored 0.00 team points.
Champ. Round 1 – Owen Matzek (Ellsworth) 39-12 won by major decision over Corey Zimmerman (Sparta) 19-5 (MD 10-2)

D2-120 – Christian Lamon (21-10) place is unknown and scored 2.00 team points.
Champ. Round 1 – Christian Lamon (Sparta) 21-10 won by decision over Irving Sedano (Whitewater) 29-15 (Dec 9-8)
Quarterfinal – Sam Stuhl (Prescott) 37-6 won by major decision over Christian Lamon (Sparta) 21-10 (MD 10-2)
Cons. Round 1 – Jordan Sarver (Nekoosa/Assumpt./Port Edw.) 42-5 won by fall over Christian Lamon (Sparta) 21-10 (Fall 4:25)

D2-126 – John Roddick (46-5) placed 3rd and scored 13.50 team points.
Quarterfinal – John Roddick (Sparta) 46-5 won by tech fall over Ryan McGinnes (Sheboygan Falls) 35-17 (TF-1.5 4:33 (19-4))
Semifinal – Hunter Marko (Amery) 40-1 won by tech fall over John Roddick (Sparta) 46-5 (TF-1.5 6:00 (20-5))
Cons. Semi – John Roddick (Sparta) 46-5 won by decision over Sam Konitzer (Oconto Falls) 39-5 (Dec 5-1)
3rd Place Match – John Roddick (Sparta) 46-5 won by decision over Chase Katzenmeyer (Evansville/Albany) 37-8 (Dec 6-3)

D2-132 – Jaden Winchel (48-0) placed 1st and scored 22.00 team points.
Quarterfinal – Jaden Winchel (Sparta) 48-0 won by fall over Gabe Braam (East Troy) 31-12 (Fall 3:57)
Semifinal – Jaden Winchel (Sparta) 48-0 won in the ultimate tie breaker over Cody Walrath (Freedom) 41-9 (UTB 2-1)
1st Place Match – Jaden Winchel (Sparta) 48-0 won by decision over Sonny Schieldt (Edgerton) 41-8 (Dec 4-2)

D2-138 – Brett Von Ruden (37-13) place is unknown and scored 0.00 team points.
Champ. Round 1 – Dakota Danner (Mayville) 39-6 won by decision over Brett Von Ruden (Sparta) 37-13 (Dec 9-7)

D2-145 – Brock Polhamus (46-5) placed 4th and scored 10.00 team points.
Quarterfinal – Brock Polhamus (Sparta) 46-5 won by decision over Nate Trepanier (Oconto Falls) 40-6 (Dec 2-1)
Semifinal – Chandler Donati (Two Rivers) 24-3 won by decision over Brock Polhamus (Sparta) 46-5 (Dec 3-2)
Cons. Semi – Brock Polhamus (Sparta) 46-5 won by decision over Taylor Gilardi (Viroqua) 36-17 (Dec 8-3)
3rd Place Match – Nate Trepanier (Oconto Falls) 40-6 won by decision over Brock Polhamus (Sparta) 46-5 (Dec 4-2)

D2-152 – Hayden Krein (39-7) placed 3rd and scored 18.50 team points.
Champ. Round 1 – Hayden Krein (Sparta) 39-7 won by fall over Seth Peters (Luxemburg-Casco) 35-13 (Fall 3:58)
Quarterfinal – Sean Mattek (Sheboygan Falls) 42-7 won by decision over Hayden Krein (Sparta) 39-7 (Dec 5-2)
Cons. Round 1 – Hayden Krein (Sparta) 39-7 won by tech fall over Ben Klister (Wrightstown) 33-16 (TF-1.5 4:20 (15-0))
Cons. Semi – Hayden Krein (Sparta) 39-7 won by fall over Willie Vandenlangenberg (Wisconsin Dells) 24-9 (Fall 2:35)
3rd Place Match – Hayden Krein (Sparta) 39-7 won by decision over Jonny Chamberlain (Chetek-Wey./Pr. F.) 36-4 (Dec 10-9)

D2-170 – Logan VanTassel (38-12) place is unknown and scored 0.00 team points.
Champ. Round 1 – Tristen Mueller (Ellsworth) 22-5 won by decision over Logan VanTassel (Sparta) 38-12 (Dec 3-2)

In case you missed it, Winchel was pretty excited after winning…


The Spartans get no break as they prepare for top-ranked Freedom at the team state tournament this Saturday, March 7th.  We will have updates from the dual against Freedom as well as photos and more after the match.

Congrats to Jaden on his state championship, Roddick, Polhamus and Krein on their podium finishes and the rest of the Spartan state qualifiers on a great season thus far.  Great things are still within reach.  Best of luck at team state!!


It wasn’t the easiest victory of the year for Jaden Winchel, but at this time of the year, any victory is a good victory.  And that’s what Winchel got with his 2-1 ultimate tiebreaker victory over Freedom’s Cody Walrath to advance to the division two 132-pound finals.  He will face Edgerton’s Sonny Schieldt for the second time in less than a week.  Winchel defeated Schieldt in the sectional semifinals 3-2.

At 126 pounds, John Roddick ran into a brick wall in Amery’s Hunter Marko.  The junior is going for his third state title in as many tries and pummeled Roddick to the tune of a 20-5 victory.  Fellow senior Brock Polhamus dropped a highly contested 3-2 decision to Two Rivers’ Chandler Donati.  Polhamus was on the verge of a takedown numerous times in the final minute, but couldn’t close the deal.  He will join Roddick and freshman Hayden Krein in the consolation round starting Saturday morning for a chance at 3rd place.

Speaking of Hayden Krein, the freshman 152-pounder bounced back from a 5-2 loss in the quarterfinals to register a 15-0 technical fall victory over Wrightstown’s Ben Klister.  Like Winchel, Krein will face a familiar opponent–Wisconsin Dells’ Willie Vandenlangenberger.  Krein defeated Willie at regionals and lost to him at sectionals in overtime.  At 120 pounds, Christian Lamon dropped consecutive matches to fall out of the tournament.

When will the Spartans wrestle?

  • John Roddick, Brock Polhamus and Hayden Krein  –  All are guaranteed top six and a place on the podium.  They will wrestle for 3rd or 5th beginning in the round that starts at 11am
  • Jaden Winchel  –  Jaden will wrestle about one third of the way through the finals tonight.  Finals begin at 6pm.

How can I watch Sparta wrestle today?

Good luck Spartans!!

It was a busy night with five Spartan wrestlers competing in division two preliminary action at the Kohl Center Thursday evening and it’s shaping up to be a busy Friday with another five Spartans wrestling in the quarterfinals.  Christian Lamon and Hayden Krein, winners Thursday evening, join John Roddick, Jaden Winchel and Brock Polhamus in quarterfinal action starting at 11:15am this morning.

Lamon and Krein weren’t the only Spartans wrestling last night.  At 106, Corey Zimmerman dropped a 10-2 decision to Ellsworth’s Owen Matzek, Bret VonRuden fell 9-7 to Mayville’s Dakota Danner and Logan VanTassel dropped a 3-2 decision to Ellsworth’s Tristen Mueller.  All three were competitive in their matches, but fell short.  Most years, I’d move onto saying something about them finishing the season or their career with XYZ record, but this year, the Spartans wrestle at team state so they have at least another week in front of them to better themselves and their teammates as they prepare for Freedom.

At 120, Christian Lamon won 9-8 in a match that wasn’t as close as the score seemed.  Lamon controlled Whitewater’s Irving Sedano (29-15) for much of the match and was dominant on his feet.  At 152 pounds, Hayden Krein pinned Luxemburg-Casco’s Seth Peters (35-13) in 3:58, but not without an early scare.  Just seconds into the match, Peters locked up Krein in a deep cradle that nearly ended it, but Krein was able to escape and went beast mode after that.  After falling down 5-0 in the first minute, Krein picked up a reversal and numerous back points racking up a 13-5 lead before putting Peters to his back and picking up the pin.  Krein will now face Sheyboygan Falls’ Sean Mattek while Lamon will wrestle Prescott’s Sam Stuhl.

Some notes on other area wrestlers…

  • Onalaska 195-pounder Konrad Ernst won two close decisions.  In the prelims, Ernst (36-3) eeked out an 8-6 victory over Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln’s Cody Abel (44-4) and in his quarterfinal bout, won in over time by pin in 6:34 over Union Grove’s previously unbeaten Adam Braley (22-1).  Ernst will not wrestle Menomonie’s Mason Stokke.
  • La Crosse Central’s Jaden Van Maanen (46-0) is still undefeated and will be wrestling for a spot in the state finals tonight.  Van Maanen wasn’t dominant, but he picked up some impressive victories over Badger’s Robby Mutimer (41-6) by a 4-0 score and Kaukauna’s Trent Leon (43-6) by a 7-4 score. Van Maanen will not wrestle Whitnall/Greendale’s Anthony Senthavisouk (39-7) in the semis tonight.
  • Holmen’s Charles Serauskas won his first match 13-1, but was pinned in 1:21 in his quarterfinal match against Oconomowoc’s Brett Samson (46-1).  Teammate Jonah Rieber ran into a very good wrestlers in Kaukauna’s Robert Lee (41-1) and was pinned in 2:55.
  • Tomah’s Hunter Pierce lost 9-0 to New London’s Scott Cook (35-6)
  • Central’s Connor Williams dropped a 12-4 decision to Hudson’s Sawyer Massie (42-4).

Division two quarterfinal action begins at 11:15 am.  Good luck Spartans!

Mike Montgomery is back with his annual interview with the individual state tournament qualifiers.  This year there’s eight of them!  See what Corey Zimmerman, Christian Lamon, John Roddick, Jaden Winchel, Brett VonRuden, Brock Polhamus, Hayden Krein and Logan VanTassel have to say.

It’s a lengthy interview so we’ve broken it up into two parts.  Make sure to check this out before the state tournament!  Big thanks to Mike Montgomery for doing this!

Part 1

Part 2

Colette Burkwalt - February 26, 2015 - 1:55 am

Awesome interview


Sparta’s 2015 State Qualifiers, Top row from left: Brett VonRuden, Brock Polhamus, Christian Lamon, Corey Zimmerman. Bottom row from left: Hayden Krein, Jaden Winchel, John Roddick, Logan VanTassel

Sparta is sending a record eight wrestlers to the state individual tournament this week.  That tops the program record of seven during the 2013 tournament.  For the fourth year in a row, Sparta is sending at least six wrestlers to the Kohl Center.  Statewide, Sparta is tied with Kaukauna, Ellsworth and Stratford for most state qualifiers.  Before we go into detail about each wrestler’s bracket, let’s take a look at some of the nitty gritty details of the tournament.

How can I get tickets?

You can buy tickets for each session online here.  Cost is $10 per session and are available online until two hours before any session begins.  Tickets can also be purchased at the Kohl Center during the tournament.


How can I follow the Spartans?

Good question!  The easiest way would be to buy tickets and come down to Madison.  We realize not everyone can do that so there are still options to follow from afar.  All matches will be streamed live.  The finals of each division will be streamed at  All of the matches before the finals will be streamed live, but will cost you.  You can purchase a subscription to follow the pre-finals action here.  You can buy a one-day pass for $9.95 or a monthly pass for $14.95.  If you want to watch all the pre-finals matches, the best value would be to purchase a monthly pass then you can watch whatever you want from the comfort of your computer, tablet or mobile device.

You can also follow the Spartans here…

Our Facebook and Twitter pages along with offer the most immediate updates.  Go to our Facebook and Twitter pages for more detailed commentary about the matches along with photos.  Go to Trackwrestling if you just want the results.


When will the Spartans wrestle?

That is a good question and we can only give you half the answers.  The pace of wrestling dictates the exact time that each Spartan will take the mat so we can’t give you exact times.  What we can tell you is when each session will start.  Here is that information…

  • Thursday, February 26th  –  Division two preliminaries begin at approximately 7:15pm.  This would be the initial matches for Corey Zimmerman, Christian Lamon, Brett VonRuden, Hayden Krein and Logan VanTassel.  The lighter weights would be earlier while the upper weights would come later.
  • Friday, February 27th  –  Division two quarterfinals begin at approximately 11:15am.  This would mean any of the Spartans from the previous night who won in addition to John Roddick, Jaden Winchel and Brock Polhamus.
  • Friday, February 27th  –  Division two semifinals begin at 7pm.  If a Spartan has lost, they won’t be wrestling here.  If they have yet to lose, they’ll be wrestling for a spot in the state finals.
  • Saturday, February 28th  –  Division two consolation wrestlebacks and placement matches will begin at 11am and the placement matches will proceed after consolation matches are completed.  Spartans wrestling in the consolation wrestlebacks will be going for 3rd or 5th place.
  • Saturday, February 28th  –  Division two finals begin at 6pm.

Here is the full schedule for the tournament…

Thursday, February 26th
Session 1
D1 Prelims  –  3pm
D1 Quarterfinals  –  Approximately 5:15pm
D2 + D3 Prelims  –  Approximately 7:15pm

Friday, February 27th
Session 2
D1 Consolations  –  10am
D2 + D3 Quarterfinals  –  Approximately 11:15am
D1 Consolation Semis  –  Approximately 1:45pm
D2 + D3 Consolation Semis  –  Approximately 2:45pm

Session 3
D1 + D2 + D3 Semis  –  7pm

Saturday, February 28th
Session 4
D1 + D2 + D3 Consolation Wrestlebacks  –  11am
D1 + D2 + D3 Placement Matches  –  following conclusion of wrestlebacks

Session 5
D1 + D2 + D3 Championships  –  6pm


Tell me more about the Spartans

As mentioned above, Sparta is tied with Kaukauna, Ellsworth and Stratford for most wrestlers at the tournament with eight.  That’s some good company to be in.  Here are some interesting facts heading into the tournament…

  • John Roddick and Brock Polhamus are making their fourth trip to the state tournament.  No Spartan has ever done that.
  • The Spartans return three placewinners from last year’s tournament.  Polhamus placed second last year, Winchel 3rd and Roddick 5th.  If Roddick places, he will become Sparta’s first three-time state placewinner.
  • Sophomore Jaden Winchel (45-0) is among 16 wrestlers at the tournament without a loss and is one of six in division two.  He joins Jaden Van Maanen (44-0) as the only undefeated area wrestlers in the tournament.
  • Sophomores Winchel and Christian Lamon are both making their second state tournament appearance.
  • Before Roddick and Polhamus qualified for the state tournament as freshman during the 2011-12 season, only one other freshman in program history had qualified and that was Josh Isensee during the 1994-95 season.  In a display of how times have changed, Sparta has seen four freshman qualify in the past two years alone–Winchel and Lamon last year and Hayden Krein and Brett VonRuden this year.
  • The Spartans have had at least three placewinners the last three state tournaments including a record four during the 2013 state tournament.

Let’s take a closer look at each wrestler’s bracket…

  • Corey Zimmerman  –  Big on experience, light on pounds, senior Corey Zimmerman will wrestle Ellsworth freshman Owen Matzek (37-9) in his first match at the Kohl Center.  If Zimmerman gets past Matzek, he’ll wrestle Grafton’s Arturo Duran (35-9).  Familiar faces in Zimmerman’s bracket include Belmont/Platteville’s Isaac Wiegel (33-9) who defeated Zimmerman 7-0 at sectionals.
  • Christian Lamon  –  Sparta’s 120-pounder will wrestle Whitewater’s Irving Sedano (29-14) Thursday evening.  The winner will wrestle Prescott freshman Sam Stuhl (34-6) Friday morning.  Back in early December, Lamon dropped a 4-0 decision to Stuhl at the Ellsworth Invitational.  Familiar opponents in Lamon’s bracket include Lodi’s Jacob Busser (37-7) and River Valley’s Nate Jennings (25-11).  Lamon defeated Jennings 4-2 at sectionals and lost to Busser in the sectional finals as well as the team dual a few days earlier.
  • John Roddick  -  The senior 126-pounder will face the winner of Luxemburg-Casco’s Josh VandeHei (34-12) and Sheyboygan Falls’ Ryan McGinnes (33-14).  If Roddick wins, he’ll likely have to face Amery’s Hunter Marko (37-1).  Marko will be looking for his third state championship after winning at 106 two years ago and 113 last season.  Besides Evansville/Albany’s Chase Katzenmeyer who Roddick defeated twice in the past week, Roddick has only faced Wisconsin Lutheran’s Tepra Wright, which resulted in a 10-2 loss at Badger State back in late December.
  • Jaden Winchel  –  The sophomore 132-pounder comes into the tournament with a 45-0 record and as the top-ranked wrestler in division two.  Winchel will face the winner of East Troy’s Gabe Braam (28-10) and Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee/Thorp’s Sam Burzynski (34-10).  If he wins that match, he will likely face Freedom’s Cody Walrath who is the second-ranked wrestler in D2 at 132. It could also be a preview of what’s to come at team state.  Other familiar faces for Winchel include Evansville/Albany freshman Nolan Kicmol who he defeated twice in the past week and Edgerton’s Sonny Schiedt who Winchel defeated 3-2 in the sectional semifinals.
  • Brett VonRuden  –  VonRuden is the fourth freshman to qualify for the state tournament in Spartan history and he’ll face a senior in his first match in Mayville’s Dakota Danner (34-8).  If VonRuden defeats Danner, he’ll face Luxemburg-Casco’s Mason Berceau (40-1) in the quarterfinals.  At least year’s state tournament, Polhamus defeated Berceau en route to the finals.  Other familiar faces in VonRuden’s bracket include Cuba City’s Josh Donar (33-6) and Evansville/Albany’s Jordan Meyer (31-5).  VonRuden dropped a 6-1 decision to Donar in the 2nd place match at sectionals while splitting with Meyer in the past week. VonRuden lost his opening match at sectionals to Meyer via a 3-2 decision and won his team sectional match after Meyer slammed him.
  • Brock Polhamus  –  Last year’s state runner-up at 138 pounds, Polhamus will look to return to the Kohl Center and take care of unfinished business in the finals.  His first match will be between the winner of Oconto Falls’ Nate Trepanier (36-5) and Cedar Grove-Belgiums’s Garrett Davies (26-16).  If he wins that match, he’ll likely face Medord Area’s Kolten Hanson (40-4).  Familiar faces in the bracket include Viroqua’s Taylor Gilardi (34-14) who Polhamus defeated at regionals and River Valley’s Elijah Alt (38-11) who Polhamus defeated in the sectional finals 4-3.  There is also Wrightstown’s Josh Verbeten who pinned Jaden Winchel in Winchel’s first match at state last year.
  • Hayden Krein    –  VonRuden is joined by fellow freshman Hayden Krein at this year’s state tournament.  Krein enters the match with a 35-6 record.  His first match will see him facing Luxemburg Casco junior Seth Peters (35-12).  If Krein gets past Peters, he’ll face Sheboygan Falls junior Seth Mattek (40-6).  The winner of that match will likely face Chetek-Weyerhausen-Prairie Farm’s Jonny Chamberlain (34-2).  Familiar faces in the bracket include Willie Vandenlangenberg (23-6) who Krein defeated at regionals then lost to at sectionals.  There is also Lodi’s Casey Persike who Krein defeated 7-1 at sectionals.  Wisconsin Lutheran’s Malik Smith (41-7) was a 9-3 winner over Ryan Wisniewski back at Badger State.
  • Logan VanTassel  –  Senior Logan VanTassel will wrestle Ellsworth’s Tristen Mueller (21-3) in his first match at the Kohl Center.  If VanTassel defeats Mueller, he’ll wrestle Wittenberg-Birnamwood’s Alex Peplinski (45-4).  Brock Polhamus was a 4-3 winner  in last year’s 138-pound state semifinals against Mueller.  VanTassel was a winner over Mueller earlier this year via injury default in the semis of the Ellsworth Invitational.  Familiar faces in VanTassel’s bracket include Lodi’s Logan Gordon (30-16) who Logan defeated at team and individual sectionals this past week.  There’s also Brodhead/Juda’s Brady Colden (45-2) who defeated VanTassel 9-2 in the sectional finals.


Area Wrestlers in the Tournament

Here are some other area wrestlers in the tournament you can cheer for…

  • Black River Falls D2  –  Gary Garvin at 285
  • Cashton D3  –  Bradon Klimek at 285
  • Holmen D1  –  Jonah Rieber at 138 and Charles Serauskas at 220
  • La Crosse Central D1  –  Jaden Van Maanen at 120 and Connor Williams at 160
  • Onalaska D1  –  Konrad Ernst at 195
  • Reedsburg D1  –  Dalton Hahn at 182 and Mason McMillen at 113
  • Royall D3  –  Trenton Pasch at 145
  • Tomah D1  –  Hunter Pierce at 132
  • Viroqua D2  –  Taylor Gilardi at 145 and Ryan Hannah at 113
  • Westby D3  –  Riley Cade at 113, Brett Cade at 132, Brock Leum at 182 and Ross Withington at 152
  • West Salem/Bangor D2  –  Aaron Broer at 220



A few important announcements about team state….


With the state individual tournament just a few days away and the state team tournament a little more than a week after that, now is the time to get your state team tickets and shirts so you can support your Spartans in style.

The state team semifinal against Freedom will begin at 10am with doors opening at 9am.  You can get your tickets for the dual against Freedom at the high school office until Tuesday, March 3rd.  Cost of the tickets is $8.

Should Sparta defeat Freedom and advance to the championship match, fans will be able to purchase tickets for the finals at 3pm at the ticket stand at the UW Field House for an additional $8.


So let’s fast forward a bit.   You have your tickets, transportation is planned and now you need to figure out what to wear.  BOOM!  We have you covered.  Get a customized Sparta Wrestling Team State shirt, long-sleeve shirt, crewneck sweatshirt, dri-fit shirt or dri-fit long sleeve shirt today!

How do you find yourself with one of these shirts for team state?  Download the order form here.  Please return the order form to Mike Roddick in the high school wrestling room or to Jean Roddick at the middle school by Wednesday, February 25th at 3pm.


  • State team tickets can be purchased at the high school office for $8 until Tuesday, March 3rd.
  • State team apparel can be purchased by downloading an order form and submitting the form and payment by this Wednesday to Mike Roddick in the high school wrestling room or Jean Roddick at the middle school.
Shellie Forbes Von Ruden - February 25, 2015 - 1:23 am

If anyone needs one individual ticket for all sessions, we have one you can purchase. Thursday in 107 section and Friday and Saturday in 309 section.